Season 3 of Netflix series The Crown is in production. No release date has been set, but the season is expected to premiere in 2019.[1] This season will explore the middle years of the Queen's reign, and will feature a new cast playing the Royal Family, featuring Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II. Unlike the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2, there will be a time jump between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of this season.

Season 3 will cover the mid 1960s into the early 1970s, including the break-up of Princess Margaret's marriage, the young adulthood of Prince Charles and Princess Anne, and Harold Wilson's two terms as Prime Minister.[2]


The Royal Family


Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II

The confirmed cast for Season 3 and 4 thus far includes:

Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II
Tobias Menzies asPrince Philip
Marion Bailey as The Queen Mother
Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret
Ben Daniels as Antony Armstrong-Jones
Erin Doherty as Princess Anne
Josh O'Connor as Prince Charles
Emerald Fennell as Camilla Shand[3]


Jason Watkins as Harold Wilson


  • This season will cover the two terms of Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Wilson's first term ran from 16 October 1964 – 19 June 1970; following the Labour Party defeat in 1970, he served as Leader of the Opposition until 4 March 1974, when a Labour Party victory restored him to the role of Prime Minister. His second term ran from 4 March 1974 – 5 April 1976, when he resigned and was succeeded by James Callaghan.
  • A young Camilla Shand (later Camilla Parker-Bowles) will be introduced this season. Lady Diana Spencer will not appear until Season 4.[4]


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