Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother is played by actress Victoria Hamilton. Upon the death of her husband, King George VI, she is styled "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother" rather than the traditional Queen Elizabeth to avoid confusion with her daughter, the reigning queen. Popularly, she was known as the Queen Mother or "Queen Mum".


Season One appearances
Wolferton Splash Hyde Park Corner Windsor Act of God Smoke and Mirrors
Gelignite Scientia Potentia Est Pride & Joy Assassins Gloriana
Season Two appearances
Misadventure A Company of Men Lisbon Beryl Marionettes
Vergangenheit Matrimonium Dear Mrs. Kennedy Paterfamilias Mystery Man
Season Three appearances
Olding Margaretology Aberfan Bubbikins Coup
Tywysog Cymru Moondust Dangling Man Imbroglio Cri de Coeur


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